December 10, 2018

Schedules for Testing and Taking Medicines for HIV

The medications available for delaying the onset of AIDS, or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, the illness that is caused by HIV, are often effective in improving the overall quality of life of HIV positive clients, but the cocktail of drugs required for achieving maximum results is fairly complex and can be difficult to organize –and to remember. HIV schedules, including HIV medication schedules and HIV testing schedules, are frequently available from doctors’ offices, as well as from government and social support agencies. Helping people living with HIV to stay on track with their medications and testing, these HIV schedules offer a valuable extra layer of security for staying healthy and happy while facing the virus.

Typically, HIV clients are given a set of three drugs to take in order to combat HIV; these often consist of three anti-retroviral medications, which provide various inhibiting actions against the development and spread of HIV within the body. The precise combination of these medications, as well as the times at which they are taken, form a significant part of their efficacy, and staying on track with HIV drugs can greatly enhance the quality of the treatment received. HIV positives may wish to create a clear schedule with their doctor or medical health specialist –one which includes not only times for taking specific sorts of drugs, but which also touches upon and schedules for testing that may need to be completed in order to track the progress of the treatment and the overall health of the client.

Finding HIV schedules and other resources can often be accomplished by contacting a general practice physician, but many options are also available through community groups. Often, such groups also offer support in the form of regular meetings or counseling sessions and can help provide an additional layer of care for people living with the virus. From community counseling sessions for HIV positives and their friends and families to groups which actively participate in campaigns and evens to help local communities understand more about the virus, these programs can help clients not only secure a longer and more prosperous life through organized HIV medication and HIV testing schedules, but through social support and understanding, as well.

By ordering and reading publications regarding the complex requirements of today’s most promising medications for the HIV virus, clients can look forward to many years of personal well-being and prosperity, and the combination of quality, accessible, HIV testing and HIV medication schedules with support and education groups can further enhance daily living for the body and mind in people who are HIV positive.

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December 01, 2018

How STD Testing will Benefit You

Sexually active individuals almost have equally high chances of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases (STD) or sexually transmitted infections (STI) such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) syphilis, among others. Some of these STDs cannot be treated, which is why they need to be detected as early as possible as precautionary measures. Most of the time, there are also no symptoms or signs to let you know that you already are infected.

Looking at the Figures

As of 2015, at least a million people acquire STD daily around the world. Yes, one million new cases every day. Nearly 20 million of new cases every year are accounted in the US alone. Annually, there are about 500 million cases of genital infection with herpes simplex virus (HSV), 300 million of human papillomavirus (HPV) among women, 140 million of trichomoniasis, 130 million of chlamydia, 80 million of gonorrhea, and six million of syphilis recorded. Researchers have also found out that half of the global population today is at high risks of acquiring STD.

If the figures are not still enough for you to finally go and look for STD testing near me, consider the following benefits of getting tested:

Immediate Medical Response

Once you’ve decided to get an STD test and the result is positive, you can immediately seek the necessary medical attention. This will allow you to prevent your condition from worsening. If there is still no cure available, there are still ways that today’s advancements can help control the disease.

Lower Chances of Infertility

If you’re planning to have a baby, make sure that you get an STD test. If you are infected and the STD remains untreated, it can cause infertility for both men and women. Although it won’t prevent infertility absolutely, at least it will help you lower the risks.

Keep Your Baby Safe and Healthy

STD testing near me is mandatory for those who are pregnant. Whether you suspect that you have acquired an STD or not, you need to get an STD test if you are expecting a baby. This will prevent the baby from being infected as you seek immediate treatment should you test positive.

Prevent the Spread of STD

Do the world a favor and help prevent STD cases from piling up to millions every day. Should you test positive, you can stop engaging in sexual intercourses or at least use condoms. If you test negative, it is still important to be careful at all times especially if you have been engaging with different partners.

Peace of Mind

Since STDs rarely show symptoms, there is no way of telling if you have STD other than getting an STD test. Some STDs show symptoms, yes, but most of them are common ones that may indicate other diseases or conditions. Simply speaking, looking and waiting for symptoms is useless when it comes to serious cases such as STDs. Don’t wait for the worst things to happen before you go for an STD test. After all, it’s just a precautionary measure.

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